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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Will this Phone Make it to the Top???

I saw this phone while I was checking up the latest phones available in the market. This is the Motorola ROKR E8. According to the sales rep at Motorola Midtown, the phone will be available in May and the price will be around 16K pesos. I went to Motorola to check the price of the Motorola V8 but I saw this big attention grabber replica of the E8 with a video screen that presents the features of the phone. I stopped in front of the "big phone" and watched how this phone would be different from the rest.

You can easily notice that it has a touch sensitive keypad with changing functions, easily noticeable through the changes in the keypad lights, depending on the application you are using. If you are using it as music player, then it looks like a true mp3 player with circular scroll to navigate the song list.

It has a 2.0MP camera with 8x digital zoom, usb 2.0 port, 2G internal memory and a card slot for external memory of up to 4G. Connectivity wise, it has bluetooth and full HTML browser.

I think the only thing missing here is the 3G capability but nonetheless this is a phone worth buying.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

S-h-O-p-P-a-H-o-L-i-C... I can't STOP!!!

My New Year's Resolution was to limit myself from buying clothes, shoes, and bags... in short... SHOPPING!!! For the first quarter of the year, I think I did pretty well. My closet is not full because I took out all the clothes that I don't like and don't use anymore. My new clothes were mostly bought by my mom. My shoe rack is so tidy now because I took out all the footwear that I don't use anymore. My new footwears were gifts last Christmas and last birthday. I read an article that actually you really don't need to buy so many clothes and shoes. You just have to look for TIMELESS pieces that could last long and traverse any season with a little MIX-n-MATCH =) I always keep that in mind. With footwear, I think I only need a pair of black shoes for work, maybe BLACK ANKLE BOOTS or BLACK PUMPS. I also need only a pair of WEDGES or SANDALS for casual chic look, a pair of SNEAKERS for rugged look, and two pairs of FLIP-FLOPS for laid back working days at the office. I think with footwear it's easier for me to stick with my PROMISE to myself. But with clothes... I think I'm starting to deviate from my GOAL.. haizzz I have to keep on trying. With bags, i haven't bought any coz most of my bags were just given as of now and i dont have any plans on buying yet... THAT"S GOOD! Shoppaholic... I can't stop but I have to CONTROL..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i'm so busy...

My God i'm so busy these days.. cant even visit my blog.. gotta have time soon..

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Home is a War Zone..

HOME SWEET HOME.. hmm.. sometimes it't TRUE but often times its not. CLOSENESS is the BIGGEST factor that contributes to the already-designated WAR ZONE.. MY HOME. TALKING is good but often times leads to MISUNDERSTANDINGS because of GENERATION gap obviously seen in choice of WORDS while conversing. NOT TALKING is not good because a FAMILY should always have an OPEN communication. But IT becomes good when talking is so overwhelming and creating SILENCE would be a HEAVENT-SENT to break the slowly emerging WAR. This WAR ZONE.. often times not seen but definitely felt. A certain feeling like when you walk to the FRONT DOOR of your HOUSE, stand there for a sec or two. Its already as if you are preparing for your ENTRY to the war zone. Then you OPEN the door and take a step or two inside the house, trying to FEEL the AIR if its COOL or WARM. Its already as if you are SNIFFING gun powder in the KILLING FIELD. Your EYES are observing every movement as you walk through. Then you see one family MEMBER, you try to guess what that person is thinking about you. Its already as if you are holding a RIFLE and following your target's movement through the CROSSHAIR. What's next? If that person leave bad REMARKS, you fight back to DEFEND your yourself. If that person LOOK at you then go back to his/her activity without saying any word, you'd be left thinking to yourself "what was that for?". Either way, a WAR will SPARK. May it be a "WORD" war or a "COLD" war. In the END, whoever WINS and LOSSES, most probably the family won't be DEAD. What you'll SEE lying on the floor is the DIGNITY that once STOOD UP brave and tall, but now SHAMELESSLY resting against the cold FLOOR of the war zone I call HOME.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flip-Flops.. This One is My Must-Have!

I'm not a fan of HAVAIANAS, nor CROCS. I'm a DIE HARD fan of IPANEMA and GRENDHA! At first, I don't see why lots of GIRLS and METROSEXUAL GUYS are going crazy with the so-called NEW-GEN-FLIP-FLOPS . Ok they're COLORFUL and EYE-CATCHING.. but COMFORTABLE? Hmm.. have to try one to know one! I so LOVE the DESIGNS and STRUCTURE of IPANEMA.. very good for CASUAL to DRESS-DOWN outfits. GRENDHA is very good if you like a more FEMININE style. My GRENDHA, i can even wear it with my OFFICE attire. I feel like my FEET are so DAMN pretty when I'm wearing my SANDALS! Right now, I only have two pairs of sandals. I wanted to be a pair of flops from IPANEMA but everytime I go to SHOE SALON to check out a pair of flops, my attention is always drawn to the G2B COLLECTION by my favorite supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN! For my upcoming BIRTHDAY, I want to buy the G2B SUMMER FEM in BRONZE color... haiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz... SO ADDICTED to it ^^