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Friday, May 23, 2008

Virtual Burden

Oftentimes I think that chatting is the most fun thing to do in the web. You get lots of friends. You share your thoughts simutaneously with many people. You meet people from different countries and cultures, and yet realize that you have many things in common. Quite amazing, isn't it?

Many relationships are formed through chatting... friendship, sisterhood/brotherhood, clan, romantic relationship.. to name a few. It all boils down to this... addicted to communicate. :)

But like any other types of communication, misunderstandings are just around the four corners or your monitor. Since you cannot see the person, the mystery is there. And because of that mystery, getting closer or testing limits are quite hard.

Sometimes statements made could be offensive for another and you have no control over to how you could take back what you have already typed. All you can do is type "i'm sorry". It's the same when you said something to someone, you can't take it back. But the difference is when you say it, the tone gives away the intention, but when you type it, its all up to the receiver to decode it.

How about the feeling? In every medium of communication, the feelings attached are the same. If you know you hurt someone, you feel burdened of course. But if you talk to that person, settling things become easier. But with chatting, it's a different story. Seeing letters on your screen saying "i'm sorry" is quite boring. So what to do? I guess nothing, just wait for the next right time to come.

So how should we type then? No guidelines of course. It's up to you to risk the barriers of communcation that this medium offers. Emoticons are sometimes useful, but oftentimes faceless for it could never replace your actual expression.

But hey! that exact difficulties that we encounter with communication through chatting makes it more interesting and colorful. Humans are born to naturally adapt to communicate pretty well in ways that we might not imagine now but could be possible later.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Farewell to the "Love Nest"

I could still remember when i first saw It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK). There was a handsome NERD and a STUPID, typical girl. I thought like "here we go again, same old neverending scenario". I didn't had planned to watch the DRAMA, nor had interest in knowing the story. But when I saw the LOVE LETTER, it made me CURIOUS, like I wanna know what's INSIDE.

I watched it every weekend, MAYBE many people don't even know the drama because of the DEAD timeslot! But I didn't care, anyway i'm NOT addicted to watching the first few EPISODES that time. I did'nt even know the screen name of the ACTORS AND ACTRESSES. I just find it FUNNY to watch that time.

But I got ADDICTED to it! It became a HABIT that I couldn't BREAK. Week after week I waited for a 30min. SATISFACTION. It felt like I'm always in "KILIG" state... but not for long 'coz all things come to an end..

I thought that was the end.. but I was ABSOLUTELY wrong! Here came THEY KISS AGAIN! *wink* The sequel that I had waited for so LONG. It was a TOTAL knockout! but besides the fact that I TRULY fell in love with the SEQUEL, I was also able to RELATE some of the feelings that I, myself couldn't explain. I think that is the TRUE reason why I became so ATTACHED to the sequel.

The characters in the story GREW with me, they were now presenting a more MATURE role in each other's lives. Maybe sometimes for Xiang Qin, she still acts immaturely at times, but definitely has grown to have a mature HEART to accept all TRIALS.

Sometimes i think about what Zhi Shu once said "It's good to have a simple mind". Then try to figure out what he was trying to say. But until now, I couldn't find the ANSWER.

Often times I envy Xiang Qin. She is such a HIGH-SPIRITED lady. Full of determination and faith in her loved ones. During the first few episodes of TKA, i thought that she's still the same old Xiang Qin. Yeah, she really still is but now more mature when it comes to MATTERS that affects her family.

Of course, everything has its END, and so does the drama. It was so sad to think that it already ended but it left a deep MARK in many avid FANS' hearts.

I realized that LOVE should always be YOUNG and FRESH, no matter what obstacles a relationship has gone through, it shouldn't make one forget how WONDERFUL the feeling is. LOVE really moves in mysterious ways, and how it's EXPRESSED is also a mystery sometimes. A very good example is the love between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin.

I was supposed to write a FAREWELL to the "Love Nest" that I once dwell in but it turned out that i'm reliving the MOMENTS and the feelings again. Maybe this is HOW I'm going to REMEMBER this.. not like GOODBYE, but SEE YOU.. :)

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