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Monday, November 17, 2008


Last Monday, I bought a T3 magazine (a monthly gadget magazine). I always look forward to Butch Dalisay's article. This month he wrote about something very special -- ENONYMITY.

According to him, it's the hybrid of the words
trigued of course! Why did he come up with that word? Answer -- taking advantage of freedom of expression over the net. He said that "On the internet, everyone is anonymous. It's no wonder then that it's filled with enmity -- hate blogs, rants, flamers, and more angry ten-page emails than your spam filter can handle".

Now I wonder, do I also fill my blog with all the hate in my world?? Well, maybe not really, but i do admit that sometimes I do blogging to vent out my angst. But hey! Isn't blog referred to as your online diary or journal? So, actually you can really write about anything.. even curse someone! LOL!

Thursday, I visited
Yahoo OMG to check out the article about Jennifer-Angelina gossip. I browsed Angelina's pics, as always, she is like a goddess for me, but i noticed the increasing number of hate comments, not about her clothes, makeup, hair, hair, or shoes, but because of her relationship with Brad Pitt. By the way, who are these people who posted those comments? They are I-don't-know and I-don't-care! They are the faceless, judgmental idiots who love to criticize others online.

While I was reading the comments, I was chatting with Amanda in the TKA Villa that time. She told me that it's very hard to comment about the
Angelina-Brad-Jennifer intrigue because she doesn't know the whole story and she doesn't want to be judgmental.

Piece by piece, I try to come up with a good reason why some people online are acting like certified critics and like for-your-info-im-genius. I kinda wanna think that these people have split personas.. in real world -- timid geeks, in virtual world -- uber hyped players. Maybe because since you can be anonymous on the net, they can't put you to jail. The worst punishment you can get is getting banned on a website.

Anyway, you can always create a new account if you want... HAHAHA
*insert evil laugh here*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Banner for My HOME ^___^

Last friday... TKA Villa topic.. GBA (Golden Bell Awards). Amanda was translating to us the whole convos happening. Everyone there was waiting for the announcement of the Best Actress for Drama. Lin Yi Chen was nominated. So we are all waiting for the results. WaaaaaaaH! Yi Chen won the award! *applause applause*

Someone suggested making a banner for Yi Chen "moment", i can't remember who brought up the idea. Suddenly I thought of trying to make one since im trying to learn more of Photoshop CS.

So I gathered some photos from the awards.. especially the controversial actions of Joe Cheng.. lol acting like a proud bf/husband! *photo credits to Lyssa1209 of the TKA Villa*

Saturday night, after tucking in my little guy to bed, I started on my trial project. I'm not so sure of the correct size to use so i followed the size suggested on the instructions on some tutorial website that i found. Of course i made many mistakes.. uh wrong color combos, typo errors, too much smudging, accidentally deleting layers.. hahaha.

after 2 hours of choosing and thinking and actually doing the whole work... tan-ta-na-nan.... here's my finished work :) *confetti falling*

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ok so now i feel half prepared in my Villa comeback.. i wasn't able to attend the 2nd TKA GIRLS MEET-UP, i can't watch the LoB BTS vds and extras due to time constraints and chaotic work schedule, i can open the TKA Villa blogsite but everytime i scroll down I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!!

Now i feel worse than ever. I'm bearing this feeling of being SO-SO INTO this coming home.

It's not that i don't wanna be home. It's more of i wanna belong again..

Promise On A Sunday

October 26th, typical Sunday except my dad asked me to try driving halfway our street. After a few dead-engine-and-i-laugh, i think i did somewhat fair today. My dad said that i already know how to use the steering wheel coz he even asked me to turn and go back to the starting point, which is our house. I just really got some problem with the clutch coz i always forget to step on it to change gears.

Ok change topic.. i had my hair rebonded and my nails had their much needed mani-pedi! (by the way, my toenails have some nail art, a small flower on each toenail! LOL flower power!).

Some thought is bugging me now.. if someone promises to do something then something happened to cause delay in fulfilling a promise, like moving the said promise an hour or two later, should that be enough reason already to break the promise?

It happened to me today and i feel devastated. It felt like im NOBODY. What's the difference of keeping the promise now and doing it 10-12 hours later? I really feel invisible now. i value time so much. I cherish togetherness more than any earthly thing.

Why are these two things more difficult to receive than receiving material things? I just wonder now..