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Sunday, September 26, 2010

♥ A VILLA Meet ♥

It's been 2 weeks already i guess since i made my last post... am i gonna go down into hibernation again? CULPRIT: Playful Kiss Kdrama!!! ♥ hahahaha

Anyway, last September 18, 2010 we had our TKA Villa meet for Mei-unni's birthday. I slept! damn! when i woke up it's past 11pm already so i hurriedly when to our chatango.. luckily there were still some ladies chatting but no Mei could be seen (guess went out on a date! yatta!). I really had fun chatting with them 'till almost 3am hehehe. It's really been a long time since many members come to the Villa to chat and of course wait for the subbed TKA videos to come out. I guess it's beem 2 years already. Now, we mostly drop by to say hi-hello and extend our undying love and support to ARJOE and to catch up with other ladies life/love stories.

But... i guess i got into a trap that i made my own self! sucks! haha! seriously.... will there be an ISWAK 3 or even an ISWAK movie???

*i don't wanna search for infos... hahaha i'm damn nervous!*

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Already...

My husband came home from Singapore job hunt last Tuesday. I can't deny the fact that i missed him and am happy that his back. But I can't deny the fact also that he needs to get a job already... coz it's Christmas season already! ^___^

Gab is happy too that Daddy's back because he has he's Gameboy buddy again..

Gab has been good in his lessons and teachers the whole week so Mommy is very happy. Tomorrow we will attend Mass and it will be the second time (hopefully) for Gab to attend a whole Mass. I plan to drop by the Sunday market also in the village and have lunch at Jollibee (if Gab will be a good boy at Church).

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