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Friday, April 30, 2010

♥ Pin Buttons ♥

ok so now i turned the design i made in www.zazzle.com into a real pin button ^____^

take a look..

As of now i have i have only 10 pieces... i'll have another batch made for my friends ^_^

To my friends who want to be Gab's Angels... drop a comment ^_~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

♥ Gab's Achievement: The Potty-Call ♥

It all started just last week... Saturday morning, Gab's nanny happily told that Friday night Gab sat down at the toliet bowl when he was about to poop when she brought him to the bathroom and asked him to sit down. I was very happy with the news but a bit skeptical because it might be false alarm. So, to prove it, i had to wait until he feels like pooping again :)

Sunday, all day i observed him like a weirdo (haha!) for signs that he was about to poop. Night time came and he is still not pooping! But, when we went upstairs for bed time, he hid under the full-sized mirror and stood there for about 3 minutes. I kept a close watch on him. To my surprise, he started hurrying downstairs and went directly to the bathroom! I helped him climb up the toilet seat and held his hands 'coz he might fall in the bowl... he pooped!!! I was sooooo happy to him actually do it by himself!

Monday morning, my mom went to my house to praise Gab and told me that we will go buy a potty-trainer seat so that Gab won't fall in the bowl. So, we went to the mall and i found a Cars potty-seat. Even thought it's 3 times more expensive that other potty-seats, i chose it because i know Gab will like it a lot *wink wink*. When Gab saw the Cars potty-seat on the toliet bowl, he looked at it for a while and let him sit there for a try. He loved it! Even when i need to take it out 'coz i need to use the toilet bowl, he still puts it back in position :)

Then last night, he's nanny told me that Gab did the same thing again when he felt liked pooping already...

I smiled...

And told myself...

My little angel is slowly but surely starting to flap his wings to fly...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GFCF Cooking Update: Pancakes and Banana Bread

Last Sunday, i tried to bake a banana bread using my oven toaster! hahahhah well, i was able to successfully make a loaf banana bread inside my toaster.. but its short on the sweet thing... the taste! haha i ran out of sugar at home so my banana bread tasted a bit of banana and bland LOL! but anyways it was a good try.

Moving on to pancakes... i grew up making pancakes together with my mom so i know it will be very easy ^___^ Gab just loved it!

So here are the ingredients i used for making the pancake and bread:

**GFCF Pancakes**

1 cup rice flour
1 cup rice milk in vanilla flavor (add more if you like your batter thinner)
1 tsp GF baking powder
1 organic egg
1 tsp sugar/honey/maple syrup/xylitol (add more if you like sweeter)

--> mix all ingredients together until smooth. Grease your teflon pan with a little veggie oil then pour in your batter. cook both sides.

**GFCF Banana Bread**

2 cups rice flour
4 cups rice milk in vanilla flavor
2 tsps GF baking powder
2 ripe mashed bananas
2 organic eggs
pinch of salt
1/2 cup sugar/honey/maple syrup/xylitol (add more to adjust taste)

--> mix everything together using a mixer or blender. Pour into a loaf pan or baking pan lined with baking paper/wax paper. cook in the toaster until toothpick comes out clean.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

♥♥ Be Gab's Advocate! ♥♥

I came across www.zazzle.com and thought of making this pin-button advocacy for Gab's faster development...

If you want to be Gab's advocate and help spread awareness on Autism, you can freely download the pin button and post it on your website/webpage :)

Starting a New Diet for Gab

Last Sunday, after attending a free seminar (Autism: A Perfect Storm) by Dra. Comia, a DAN! doctor, we have decided to put Gab on GFCF diet.

GFCF diet means Gluten-Free, Casein-Free diet. Gluten-Free means eliminating food sources containing gluten like wheat bread, oats, chips, cakes, well almost anything made from wheat, barley, rye, bran, etc. Casein-Free means eliminating food sources containing milk and its product like cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, etc.

I checked out most of the groceries near our place for GFCF products available, i think the nearest that has many products is in Landmark in Trinoma, but the prices are way too expensive. Ate Cynthia, told me that it can be cheap if i know how to read labels and identify the ingredients that should be in the list. Yeah, it took me an hour or so, moving from one aisle to another, checking every label of snacks, flour mixes, juices, milks, and even tomato sauces for their ingredients. It was quite interesting to know that some of our snack delicacies are actually GFCF (like banana chips cooked in coco oil with coco sugar)! I also realized that most of the foods i cook for luch everyday are GFCF (like tinolang manok, adobo, etc.)!

One thing i became aware about also is that our local small enterprises are trying to compete with big manufacturers already by producing organic versions of our basic kitchen staples like vinegar and sugar. Quite interesting huh!

I knew already that i will be quite challenging to change Gab's diet 'coz he got addicted already to eating ice cream, clover chips, oheya chips, piatos, yogurt, etc. for snacks. I bought different flavors of LiteChoice's Rice&Oats (P26) in apple-cinnamon, veggie-asparagus, and santa fe-bbq. I also bought a pack of banana chips(P31) and LiteChoice's Rice Pops (P18) in cheese flavor. He hasn't tried out the snacks yet 'coz there's still a pack of Bread Pan in his snacks corner :)

But anyway, Gab's foolproof GFCF snacks fried camote and fried banana (both cooked using coconut oil) will always save his afternoon snack tijmes if ever he won't like the goodies i found *wink*.

Another challenge we have to win is his addiction to ice cream. Gab has a very keen sense of hearing and he can hear the Selecta kart's sound or the Sorbetes bell sound even if we turn the TV volume up. Result? Tantrums! So last night, I and my maid made a bunch of ice candies made from Berri 100% pure orange juice + Rice Dream's rice milk in vanilla + coco sugar & fresh mashed mangoes + Rice Dream's rice milk in vanilla + coco sugar... instant GFCF dessert for those kids who love cold treats! :)

GFCF diet could be challenging but i know my family can find ways to adapt it quite well.. so maybe after a few days or weeks, i'll keep you guys updated with other GFCF goodies we moms can make from our local ingredients here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Senator Noynoy Aquino from a Mother of an Autistic Child

(Originally published in Herword.com on November 16, 2009)

Dear Senator Noynoy,

Up until you announced your candidacy, I had given up hope in the election process of 2010. While I have exercised my voting rights judiciously in every election since I turned eighteen, years of ineffective, dishonest governing have made me jaded and worn me out of any shred of hope.

And then you came along, and for the first time in many, many years, I felt I had something to look forward to. This child of the Marcos era, who slept through much of her adolescence in an apolitical and apathetic slumber, who resisted the call for the revolution in 1986 because she was too busy studying, is putting her hopes for honest change squarely on your shoulders. I pray for a change that will come in my lifetime and continue in my children’s and their children’s lifetimes.

Your popularity does not surprise me. I share the sentiments of many people who have felt indignant yet helpless at the shameless and callous displays of behavior of our present government. But while your popularity may help you in the course of the campaign, it has also opened you to vicious attacks from your opponents.

Your critics claim that you are autistic, and as any neurotypical person is wont to react, you have vehemently denied it, calling it “malicious and baseless.”

Allow me to say outright that I do not believe you have autism. I may not be a diagnostician, but having lived with autism every single day for the last fifteen years of my life, I know what autism is firsthand. I have witnessed it up close, lived with all its blessings, and survived almost all its challenges. What I know of it, I know not only from books, from the Net, or from research and published papers. What I know of it comes from real life. As an advocate for autism, I am proud to be part of the large community of families of Filipinos with autism, which at last count, numbers close to half a million affected individuals. That being said, let me posit a question: If you were one, what is absolutely wrong with it?

Autism is a spectrum of conditions ranging from the mildly affected to the most severely impaired. Common to this spectrum, however, are varying degrees of deficits in social relatedness, behavior, and communication. My son Alphonse, at 15, remains on the far end of the bell curve of “normal.” He is nonverbal, continues to require assistance for many of the activities of daily living, and has the cognitive understanding of a five-year-old child. You, on the other hand, are well-educated, highly conversant and intelligent; your cognitive abilities are certainly not in question. While these two pictures comprise the polar ends of the extent and breadth of a highly complicated spectrum (again, I reiterate, we are simply assuming for the sake of argument that you belong to this spectrum), they are not totally incompatible. (To wit, there are individuals with different degrees of autism already enrolled in some of our country’s best universities.)

Autism is difficult and challenging, and to those of us who love persons with autism, it is a rollercoaster ride every single day. Is it a disability? It is, but it also is not; it depends on how you look at it. And yet, when you really think about it, ravenous greed is a much harder disorder to treat, as are immorality, shamelessness, corruption, and vice. I have heard of recovery in autism, but diseases of the soul are almost always incurable.

If being autistic means not being able to lie, then by all means, I should be proud to say I am autistic.

If being autistic means not being able to cheat and rig elections, then call me autistic.

If being autistic means not being able to steal, to use public funds for personal gain while the country wallows in poverty, then I am staunchly autistic.

If being autistic means satisfaction with what one has, if it means a characteristic lack of greed and materialism, then I count myself autistic.

If it means not being envious and not judging people based on looks, money, connections, or pogi points, then, yes, I am autistic.

So the next time someone calls you autistic and you feel slighted, perhaps you may wish to reply to them this way instead: “Thank you for calling me autistic. To me, autism does not make one more or less of a person. It does not make one more or less of a man. It just makes one autistic. I am sorry to disappoint you that I am not, but I hope to be able to live up to the honesty people with autism expect every day. I would much rather be autistic than be corrupt. Better autistic than be unable to understand what it means to be a public servant. Thank you very much.”

The day you do, you have championed the cause of the least able of our people. And for what it’s worth, you still have my vote.

Sincerely yours,
Pinky Ong-Cuaycong

credits to: http://autismsocietyphilippines.blogspot.com

♥ The Poem for my Real Life..

Today, my mom went to my house for a visit and told me about my sis-in-law's friend's older sister who has a son with autism but the boy goes to regular schooling now. Mom told me that it would be helpful to get to talk to someone undergoing the same scenario as i am.

Hubby and i have been discussing about Gab's developments in his occupational therapy and speech therapy in the past months. Gab's already turning 4 this May and my concerns for his behavior is really alarming. We have decided to either change his OT or change to another therapy center.

So, we checked on H.O.M.E therapy center and inquired about OT schedules available. Most schedules available were in the afternoon, i think i won't be convenient time for Gab. I checked on their therapy room setup, quite different approach from Center for GOALS therapy center. GOALS has a more like playroom type setting that Gab really liked.

Conclusion, I think we would go for a change in the therapist if she cannot address our concerns.

I was browsing the web a while ago for some sensory therapy toys and information about sensory integration techniques when i came across this poem from http://www.autismpinoy.com

God’s Whisper
~ A poem by Jeannie Castillo,
for her son -- Jamie ~

When you came, I heard God whisper,
“Take care of this little one.
He’s one of my special spirits
Accept him as your son.

He may need some extra attention
Some added patience and some time
But he’ll grow into a beautiful person
With your love, he’ll be just fine.

You’ll see that he will surprise you
He’ll amaze you with his soul
He’ll bring you joy and endless wonder
In his way, he’ll make you whole.

For every smile will be a miracle
Each new step, a victory
His growth will be blessed and meaningful
His life is a gift from Me.

This angel is your reminder
Of what is pure and what is true
It’s not what the world says that matters
What matters is all up to you.

You are the one who will teach him
That he is perfect in My eyes
With Me, he can move mountains
He can do anything, he need only try.

For this child has a magnificent spirit
He was meant to do wonderful things
His life has a special mission
I will raise him on eagle’s wings

To soar high and live life fully
To sing and laugh and love
So you must raise him with warmth and tenderness,
With Me, you’ll have enough.

Now always remember this message,
Be brave and strong and true
Know that I am with you
Remember that I chose you.

I chose you for this mission.
This is your gift to Me.
Take care of him well and let him be loved,
For when you love him . . . you love Me.”


November 2001
© R.H. Castillo

This poem really strucked me and made me realized many things about who am i now, what am i doing now, and what i should be doing instead...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Some of the good things i have received on my birthday... ^________^

from Dianne

from Tara

from my HUBBY

another one from HUBBY

thanks much! LOVE 'EM! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My TKA Family Birthday Cards ♥♥♥

Thank you sooooooooooooo much girls for these wonderful cards ♥♥♥