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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Since my brother came home last weekend, i told him to get me some mascara and kohl eyeliner in Singapore. And he did! (thanks bro! ur the best haha!)

He got me this "red box" mascara-eyeliner duo and i guess it's a good deal. Pupa brand is new thing for me but i saw some of their products over the internet and the packaging of their makeup kits are sooooooooooooo cute!

Initial review on Pupa Kohl liner: Well i am really in love with kohl liners because they are easy to apply due to creamy texture unlike other matte eyeliners out there. Comparing the Pupa kohl and Revlon kohl? For me the Pupa kohl has a better texture than the latter and doesn't smudge as much as Revlon's kohl. An added bonus to the Ultraflex Kit is that it has a free pencil sharpener. It looks like your regular sharpener but with a much bigger vent on the opposite end so that your liner's tip won't get stuck and break (hate it everytime it happens before!). I think it's really good for kohl pencils because of their soft tips which easily breaks off when stuck inside the sharpener.

Initial review on Pupa Ultraflex Mascara: I told my brother to get me a brown mascara because recently i've been having this obsession with browns.. yeah and he got me a CARBON-BLACK mascara! Anyways, nothing really fancy with the packaging of the mascara but for sure i can easily find it in my makeup stash because of its bright red color. Pupa has its Art-flex wand that promises high precision in coating all the lashes and avoiding any lumps. Hmmm.. rubber-type wands are very typical nowadays and i find them very difficult to manage if the mascara has a thin consistency. I have to use a separate lash wand to comb my lashes to separate them. But i have to tell you guys, it made my lashes stand-out like i'm wearing false lashes and it doesn't smudge also! ^_^

I guess i have to try out Pupa's other products also.. and get their cutest ever makeup kits!

P.S. I'll try to make a review on MaxFactor Volume Couture Mascara in brown later.. ciao! ♥♥♥


Well, yeah i have been looking at my site frequently.... but haven't been really blogging for no reason haha!

Anyway i have put up MY YAHOO PINGBOX ^_^ check it on the right bar and drop me a line ayt!

It's Holy Week here in Philippines now and tomorrow will be last day of work for this week yay! LONG WEEKEND here i come! yatta! whole family will be staying at my parents' house so i guess i'd definitely have a good weekend ^_^.

Later peeps... ciao! ♥♥♥

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