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Friday, August 1, 2008


Its been two weeks since i last cared for my blog. Haha i'm such a loser for that. Well, i was kinda busy lurking around a new-found social network called US Cyworld. i first heard of this site from my Korean students coz there's a so-called Cyworld Korea, quite popular to my teen students.

Ok. I admit i started out in that site for the wrong reason. I even used my friend-given-korean-name to match his username in the site. I go to the thread where he is posting. I didn't know that there are many Pinoy members in cyworld. They even have a regular thread in there. i can't resist the temptation to post (aka chat in cyworld). The diversity of topics there are discussing are quite amusing, from corny jokes to pinoy fyi to gossips spreading around the site. People there don't have a common point for bonding except that they are pinoys, enough to make them feel at home.

First week, I started threading, he was not there, my intention was to join the pinoy crowd. I click the POST button, the thread refreshed, He was there, we posted at the same time. I thought it was coincidence, but i know that he should be there. I continued posting replies to others inroducing myself and making friends. He ignored me. I felt non-existent.

Second week, He wrote on my guest book several times. I replied (stupid me!). I sent cyworld messages to him the next day, I ended up accussed of assumptions. He got pissed off. i continued making friends with others. The following day, cyworld server was down. Me and my new-cy-friends ended up in YM conference. It was fun to know them better. Chi became my new-bru-girl. Pinoy thread election result was out, everything was just for fun. End of that week, realization for me. It's over and done.

After those two weeks that i spent in cyworld, I thought I was ready to leave that space. But I came back, for the right reason now. I came back to enjoy the socialization scheme that cyworld offers. Though sometimes I intentionally try to piss him off whenever his there, but its just entertainment for me now and for others who laugh at my punch lines.

I'm not there as Annishi anymore, but as JiHye, a new face in cyworld. I enjoy prepping up my profile page, building up my minirooom, playing miniquiz, photoediting, and making fansigns. Like in real world, cyberworld is huge, so i have to go out and explore. It's like I'm visiting the other side of myself now. A personality far from Annishi's sweet image..

But it's over now.. JiHye is non-existent... again...

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