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Monday, March 31, 2008

mY baBy (Gab and the eee) ^^

The ASUS eee pc was my first ever "TECHY" TOY. Bought it last Valentine's Day. I was totally HEAD-OVER-HEALS with this THING! The first time that I saw this lappy at CYBERZONE in SM North Edsa, It was like my eyes were SPARKLING while looking at the pearl-white lappy. Up to this time, I'm still amazed at how SMALL and CUTE it looks like especially whenever I see it on display racks along with other bigger notebooks. I just realized that it's just as big as my BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER! Prettty amazing huh?!
Using the default LINUX XANDROS in EASY MODE is really quite easy. Everything you basically need in a lappy is already BUNBLED-UP. But after a few times using it, I decided to use the FULL DESKTOP MODE that looks like WINDOWS OS. In the end, because I'm not really familiar in LINUX, I asked my brother to change the OS of my lappy to WINDOWS XP SP 2 (thanks Kuya Arjay ^^).
Now, with the new OS that was also modified by my brother to look like MAC OS, I'm more deeply INLOVE with my TOY. I also bought a sleek, black PHILIPS external hard drive because the drive space of my lappy is not enough to hold my FAVORITE PROGRAMS. I also discovered from my brother about the PORTABLE APPLICATIONS that I think are destined to be used with the eee =).
Well, the eee pc is really designed for KIDS, but I think also for ADULTS that are KIDS-AT HEART!!! My BABY really thinks that its ONE of his toys.. ^^

Friday, March 28, 2008

Work and the Oreo Cookie

Only few hours to go before my work is OFFICIALLY over for this week. This morning, I was upset not to find an individually packed SKY FLAKES soda crackers inside the old TUPPERWARE container used to hold cookies, biscuits, crackers, etc. Then I remembered that we bought a HYPERMARKET value pack containing two foil packs of OREO COOKIES and i-don't-remember-anymore bonus item. At first, I don't like to bring the pack of cookies at work because I feel that it has too much calories in it (not good for my so-so diet^^). But of course, who could resist the temptation of the cookies inside the blue foil pack! Actually I'm eating it right now while blogging and smiling while reminiscing a blissful moment that happened last EASTER SUNDAY. My brother is teaching my son HOW TO EAT AN OREO COOKIE, just like in the good old OREO COMMERCIAL some few years back!

The Start of Something..

writing.. writing.. typing.. typing.. blogging.. blogging.. opening.. opening.. i'm starting to open up my soul..