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Monday, June 30, 2008

TKA Girls Meet Up ^^

After many weeks of "busy-ness" coz of chatting, i finally had the inspiration to blog up again.. haha!

May 31st, the first time that im going to meet Mei-unni, Lyssa, and Velvet. 11:30am i woke up using alarm clock coz im so scared that i myt woke up late. i had a quick shower and had a light brunch. I turned my closet upside down to find something comfy and nice to wear. I was always keeping in mind to wear something simple, not really to dress up coz we are going to Sta. Cruz to hunt DVDs.

1:30pm i arrived at SM North EDSA to meet Velvet. Hmm.. she's late! haha but it's ok coz she had a very good reason like forgetting her money at home. lolz! we went to LRT Monumento Station to meet Lyssa. We rode a taxi going there coz it's so hot outside! grrr! we met Lyssa at around 2:30pm. So we got on the train and chatted a little coz we have to get off at Tayuman Station to meet Mei-unni (fresh from the spa! lolz!).

So our first stop, Lights and Sounds Museum.. bits and pieces of history that i've just learned.. haha still many things for me to learn about history! Of course we didn't forget to take pictures! haha but most of the pictures are not so good coz we look haggard coz of the hot temperature outside! sheezzz! we dropped by Luneta... hayyy havent been there for quite some time! hahaha we had fun walking around and taking scenic pictures and fooling around like kids!

Next stop, DVD shops at Sta.Cruz.. no piccus for this place coz.. ehem.. its kinda not very safe there. hehe! on our way to the DVD shops, Mei-unni brought us to a stall where you can buy sugar cane juice. it was my first time to try it out. it was so delicious and of course sweet! it was such a fun experience, overwhelming to see lotsa DVDs of Asian Dramas that i've watched and havent watch yet. I bought TKA and Nodame Cantabile DVD.

Its already getting dark when we arrived at Robinsons' Place Ermita to have dinner. We already have chosen to dine at Secret Recipe beforehand. the dinner was sumptuous and filling! hehe we need to eat a lot to recover from the walking marathon that we had. so while we were waiting for our food to be served, we callled several TKAers like Granelle and Jyo, we also tried reaching Cherr and Gangan but their phones couldn't be reached. Reiz(my dawty) called me also. after finishing dinner... a moment of silence.. hahahha something i found out that's common for all of us.. quiet when full!!!

After eating, we strolled for some time and checked out some boutiques. we went out of the mall around 9:00pm already and had some piccus again beside the fountain. we even asked a group of teens to take a pic for us! lolz!

So its going home time! Velvet had to ride a FX, then me, Mei-unni, and Lyssa took the train again..

It was one experience that i'll never forget. One thing is because it was my first time to meet people that i've come to know only in chat. Second is that its my first time again to get into social life..

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