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Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Shelly ♥♥♥

Today my student Shelly draw of very cute portrait of me and Gab... she said she can do it in a few minutes... and yeah she really did it!!!

Take a look ^_____^

Isn't she very talented?!!! I'm uber proud of my student.... i'm pretty sure she will become a very good artist someday ^____^

Monday, July 12, 2010

So-So Monday..

Hi everyone! gosh i've been busy the past weeks... getting a new DSL and starting to teach again some of my students who were waiting for my comeback.

Gab is getting better and better in dealing with school environment. I guess he's used to it already. Today, i was the only one who went to school with Gab to check if he's gonna be fine with only me watching over him. It came out good. I don't really go inside the classroom many times anymore s as to slowly teach Gab to be independent with his own things and activities like getting his pencil case or crayons inside the bag, or dealing with his teacher.

It rained today, so i was a bit nervous about the internet connection. It was ok throughout my classes, just a few Skype errors (well, Skype is always like that!) and i accidentally kicked the internet wirings.

I got one more student back, Cindy. I missed teaching her, honestly. She's really fun to teach. plus the fact that we have some likes that are similar.

Gab, interrupted my class with Cindy because his getting sleepy already... i think he wants me to put him to sleep so he threw tantrums a little bit. But after that he went to sleep with my mom's help... i feel bad about it though coz i know he wants me to do it..


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