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Sunday, September 26, 2010

♥ A VILLA Meet ♥

It's been 2 weeks already i guess since i made my last post... am i gonna go down into hibernation again? CULPRIT: Playful Kiss Kdrama!!! ♥ hahahaha

Anyway, last September 18, 2010 we had our TKA Villa meet for Mei-unni's birthday. I slept! damn! when i woke up it's past 11pm already so i hurriedly when to our chatango.. luckily there were still some ladies chatting but no Mei could be seen (guess went out on a date! yatta!). I really had fun chatting with them 'till almost 3am hehehe. It's really been a long time since many members come to the Villa to chat and of course wait for the subbed TKA videos to come out. I guess it's beem 2 years already. Now, we mostly drop by to say hi-hello and extend our undying love and support to ARJOE and to catch up with other ladies life/love stories.

But... i guess i got into a trap that i made my own self! sucks! haha! seriously.... will there be an ISWAK 3 or even an ISWAK movie???

*i don't wanna search for infos... hahaha i'm damn nervous!*


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