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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night when i started teaching.. my eyes were ok (or i just thought so). Since my bangs have grown too long and always falling to my eyes... there were times that i was rubbing my right eye. Then, my last student for the night, Frank, suddeny told me that my right eye is a bit reddish. I just ignored it and said that it might have gotten sort of irritated due to my bangs.

After class, i was busy reading BSJ's diary english translations while getting uncomfortable with my right eye because it feels like there were grains in the underside of my lid. So after reading the diary entries i decided to sleep already coz its past 2am.

The next morning... boom! My right eye has become swollen and bloodshot red! Ok, first step, clean my eyes... next warm compress... next... next... wtf! there's no more next step coz i don't know if i am allowed to use eye drops or ointments in my current condition...

I know most conjunctivitis subsides by itself in a few days, but i'm worried about passing the infection to Gab because he hasn't experienced eye infections before. So hubby and I decided to call up his mom and ask if Gab can stay in their house for sometime until my pinkeye vanishes.

I haven't been in this house alone ever since we moved in here. I don't know how am I gonna spend my afternoon and night time tomorrow until hubby comes home.. T_T


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